"Birds Among Branches" Mixed Media Tutorial

"Birds Among Branches"
This project was created because one of my students wanted a Birdcage themed project to paint, this canvas is the result of that request! When I teach a workshop class I like to include as many different techniques as I can.........
Step 1. I know it is hard to see in the photo, BUT the first step is to use various stencils to create patterns around the outside of your canvas with Gesso, then brushing some through the middle of canvas. Allow to dry. Then add a few drops of acrylic ink.
 I have used brown, turquoise and pink ink.
Step 2. Use a baby wipe to spread the ink around, allow to dry, then wipe again to reveal the resist pattern. I have dropped some green Alcohol Ink through the middle.
Step 3. Using Texture Paste, apply your stenciled birdcage image using a pallet knife. Allow to dry. Draw in some loose branch placement using willow charcoal.
Step 4. Choose your napkin paper designs, tear out the flower images and adhere to canvas along your branch lines. I use Decopage Napkin Medium for this, but Modge Podge will work as well.
Step 5. Using a makeup sponge apply stenciled roses around your tissue images in various shades of pinks. Use as many different  rose shapes as you like.
Step 6. Using a round brush add branches in  brown , thin the paint a little before painting. Choose a leaf stencil and add leaves around design, choose a couple of different leaf colours for variation.
Step 7. Add stenciled detail of small swallows into the top of design around birdcage.
Step 8. To finish design, add a last layer of texture. I have used a small rose stencil and applied Irredescent Paste .
For added Scroll stencil and word stencils , I have used regular white Texture Paste.
 I have painted the edges of my canvas using Decoart Extreem Sheen Metallic Paint in Pink Tourmaline, this is also used as one of the rose colours.
Enjoy Creating your own version!


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