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Painting Tutorial "What does your Heart say?"

I painted this canvas as an encouragement for my sister. I wanted to inspire her heart. I love this project, I have used this idea over and over, with results always unique!  Canvas is 30cm x 40 cm     Step 1. Trace and cut a large heart out of a piece of cardboard, then cover it with contact both sides. Adhere the heart to canvas using double sided tape in a few places.  I have not painted the background of my canvas, you of course can paint it any colour you like! Choose acrylic paint colours  and various stencils to start.     Step 2. Overlay your different stencil patterns, working around your heart  I use a dry  makeup foam wedge for this type of stenciling.     Step 3. More layers! Try to use a variety in your work, small patterns in the background and larger patterns for the feature around the heart.     Step 4. Using a palette knife, add some white texture paste through a stencil, I have chosen a scroll style. Decide what