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Mixed Media Collage - Aim for Visual Encouragement !

The last Mixed Media Collage finished this week, Love the verse! I know so many precious women who have had their tears wiped away and healed! Visual encouragement is my aim! Focusing on an image and process the feelings that emerge.

Mixed Media Collages

 I Love this Angel Mixed Media Artwork   So much so I altered the photo by editing it, Love the change of colours and effects! And best of all I only had to paint it once,  but get to see how it would have turned out using a different palette choice! Which colours do like best?

Creating New Art 2014

"Birds of the Air" Mixed Media So much fun, printing with a Gelli Plate, homemade stamps, Beautiful words, loads of stencils and stamps.................The ideas are endless! This is how I made my own homemade foam stamps. Self adhesive precut shapes! Great Idea!