Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Workshop Wednesday Vintage Style " Don't Be Afraid of Change" Canvas Tutorial

Step 1.
Start with a canvas (20cm x 30 cm) that have been collaged with papers that you love. I have chosen  a black and white theme using paper napkins, tissue paper, paper doily and some Tim Holtz idea-ology music paper. I have used #Decoart Decoupage medium to adhere paper to canvas.

Step 2
Brush on a little Gesso here and there to blend out the background. Block in circles for your roses.

Step 3
Use a filbert brush with washes of Olive green, Vines and Raindrop ( Jo Sonja Artist Colours) for the leaves. Add rose shadows in Burnt Umber.

Step 4
Load the filbert brush (or angle brush) with your rose colour and Warm White, Paint in the strokes around the Burnt Umber center first, then work outwards for side and bottom petals. 

Step 5
Choose your printed vintage image, cut out the shape and use the Decopage medium to adhere to canvas.
 Do the same with your printed paper butterflies.
 Draw in the butterflies feelers with a Black alcohol ink pen. 
Using fabric stiffening medium adhere the embroidered lace butterfly to the corner of canvas, allow to dry.
 Print out your chosen saying, glue onto canvas, when dry outline with a black graphite pencil.Also outline your vintage girl image.
 Using a damp brush go around the wording strips and butterfly girl to smudge out the graphite for a shadow effect.
Use an old dampened toothbrush dipped in the rose colours to speckle the canvas lightly by running your thumb over the bristles and flicking the paint.
Use the Decopage Medium or brush on varnish to give the canvas a final protective coat.