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Fall in Love ... Girl Mixed Media Collage

Step 1 Choose a black and white drawing and tear around image and adhere to A3 watercolour paper.  Paint in flesh colours using watercolour felt pens and / or flesh colour Gelatos, using your aqua pen for blending. Add black and white pen highlights to hair. Step 2 Adhere collage papers to background. I have used old dictionary papers and paper napkins. Apply a light coat of gesso over the papers to tone down the patterns and print. Step 3 and 4 Add stencilled patterns into your background over the top of your papers. Choose the colours you like. Spritz the papers with a light spray of Brown or Sepia coloured Ink. ( I have used Walnut Ink Crystals added to distilled water to make my own  spray) I had pre - printed some rose stamps in black archival ink onto Gelli Printed papers.  Cut out around your rose stamp and position onto your collage. Glue with a matt medium.  Using a filbert brush in Deco art Avocado Acrylic paint , paint in leaves around th

She is....... Dignity and Strength Mixed media Canvas

Mixed Media Tutorial Step 1 and 2 Crumple white tissue paper in your hands, then spread out to size of your canvas and adhere. This will automatically give you texture, make sure there is matt medium (glue) on top of your tissue layer as well as underneath. Dry. Choose your acrylic paint colours and use a sponge to blend over the textured canvas. Step 3 Glue some transparent paper to background. Use a stencil for the vase and flowers. I have used a stencil by Donna Downey. Use white Gesso for flowers and modelling paste for vase. Using your palette knife or scraper, scrape a little modelling paste onto background here and there. Step 4  Using your scraper add a line to your background, scraping towards the bottom of canvas in a few places. Block in your flower shapes in desired colours. Fill in your vase with white gesso, adding green stems to flower bouquet. Step 5 Add leaves using a filbert brush and add white acrylic paint to flowers using