Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Vintage Romance Mixed Media Canvas Tutorial

Recently I taught this workshop in a beautiful store called Bella Paperie at Brendale, Queensland
I thought I would post the tutorial here for others to share!
May your creativity be inspired and blessed!
Step 1. Using stencils and modelling paste, add your texture to canvas. When dry paint over in a dark colour, I have used burnt Umber. Rub a little Vaseline over the edges and texture, basecoat over the entire canvas with your background colour. I have used #decoartAmericana D├ęcor Chalky Finish in the colour "Lace"
Step 2. Adhere your collage papers to the canvas, I used Decoart Decou-Paige matte sealer.Apply a little Gesso over canvas to tone down the colours of papers.
Step 3. Place your stencil into position. This stencil is my own design and can be purchased by contacting me directly.
Step 4. Add a little green paint in amongst you roses and leaves using a small sponge.
Step 5. Use some acrylic or ink spray into the background of canvas. Use a fan brush to add paint speckles in both White and burnt Umber. Using a liner brush add some tendrils coming out from your leaves. Add a darker center into each rose circle. Adhere some vintage lace to the top of canvas.
Step 6. Using an angle shader add Titanium White petals to the rose shapes.
Step 7. Finshing details! Add some top layer texture to edges of canvas with white modelling paste. Choose some words to express the "feeling" of the canvas. I have cut my words into strips and then glued, outlining with an Inktense pencil and smudging a shadow. I have made my own bird embellishments with a silicone matte, and used matte medium to attach. Using a needle tip bottle of white paint I have handwritten some key words around my roses for emphasis! Paint the canvas edge and rub a little of that colour into the corners for depth.
Enjoy creating, Bring a piece of beauty into your world!