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" I will write Peace" Mixed Media Tutorial

"I will write Peace" Mixed Media Tutorial Try this in your art journal or on a canvas, both will have great results! This our background, to make this effect use a scraper or palette knife and apply texture/modelling paste over your background surface in random applications. Does not have to cover 100%, but at least 80%.  You want to create some texture, so don't make it too smooth!  Dry with a hairdryer. I have used a combination of colours of acrylic paints, for this project "thinner' paints work better then the heavier body brands. Using a 1" basecoating brush quickly paint in sections of your background, leaving the darker Paynes Grey colour to the bottom, as they are thin paints you can wet on wet blend the colours as they meet together. Dry.  Using a medium weight sandpaper, sand over your project, this will highlight your initial texture layer. Using  a fan brush speckle over your piece with thinned Gesso. I have used a circ

Sending my Love with Daisies

Mixed Media Tutorial - Canvas Version above -  Journal Version Below The month of March saw us creating this piece at Bella Paperie, Quite a few people couldn't make the class due to self isolating restrictions etc.  Hope you take the instructions from here and create your own version of "Daisy" Happy Creating Step 1.  Cover your entire page or canvas with papers.  I have chosen a letter/postcard and envelope theme.  Use matte medium to adhere your papers making sure to add a top coat over the paper as well. Try to remove any air bubbles as you glue!  When dry apply white Gesso to a piece of bubble wrap, (I like to use a Brayer to spread it out) and then apply the bubble print to random areas of your surface.  If you look at the photo you can just make out the bubble circles on top of the paper. Step 2 Using a water sprayer , lightly wet the surface , then spray over your work with brown spray ink. I have used walnut ink which i made up in