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2017 Workshop Wednesday Mixed Media Turorial

  "The Empty Vase" Artist Tracey White Below is the tutorial for this mixed media canvas, it is a larger piece, but often it is actually easier to paint larger flowers than small ones!  Hope you enjoy the process..............     Prepare your canvas with collage papers adhered with either Modge Podge or Gel Medium. I have used Kaisercraft Scrapbooking papers, Tim Holtz Tissue wrap, wallpaper scraps and vintage music sheets. When glue is dry, load a foam roller in Gesso and lightly tint the whole canvas, then add a small amount of grey paint to the roller and blend this colour to the outer edges of canvas.     Draw the vas and rose, leave shapes onto your canvas using will charcoal, as it is easily removed if you make a mistake. Start to block in the background  behind roses, stems and leaves using a filbert brush loaded with Olive green, Paynes Grey for shadow, Moss green for Highlights.   Block in roses, start to paint in shadows.  

Art Classes, An experience in Beautifying Your Soul

After internet and computer failure, we are back online, Posting artwork from my classes, lots of new people have joined art classes this year all ready, or have attended one of my mixed media workshops for the first time in 2017...........  Welcome to the world of creating art and beautifying your soul through the artistic process!