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2017/18 Kaisercraft Design Team Application

Moroccan Rose Garden Canvas "Think of all the Beauty still left around you and be Happy"   I am pleased to bring you a new romantic rose canvas design featuring the "Lilac Whisper Collection" from Kaisercraft When I first saw the collection my eye and imagination were drawn to the subtle Moroccan paper and tiny wooden shapes.  I love Moroccan design but wanted to use the soft lilac colours and the imagery of a vintage flowery garden, using the Moroccan shapes like a  lattice backdrop.  I hope you enjoy  and learn heaps from the process of this creation! I will list all supplies at the end.  Here are the steps.............   Step 1. Using a palette knife spread Gesso over the Moroccan Lattice  and Blossom stencils. Allow to dry. The Gesso will act as a resist for your next step! Step 2. Spray KAISERmists over your canvas, spray a little water to activate and allow the inks to run through the stencil designs. Step 3. Choose a Moroc