Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Workshop Wednesday Tutorial - Love mercifully, Walk Humbly Canvas 2016

 to my first Workshop Wednesday Tutorial,
 Today we are going to explore texture, image transfer,
 stencilling and painting loose roses,
 If you love the vintage romantic style of painting, I know you will enjoy this project!
                                                 Painted" Vintage Romance" style Canvas
Step 1, Use Decoart Impasto Medium to add texture and stencil designs
 to your canvas using a palette knife. Allow to dry.
Paint over the texture with a coat of Raw Umber.Rub Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) over some of the raised texture on canvas.
Using a large brush give the canvas a coat of Warm White.
 Use a cloth/sandpaper to rub over texture revealing some of the background colour, where the Vaseline was , the white paint will wipe away.
Print a laser copy of the image you want to use. Using Decoart Photo Transfer Medium apply to your paper image and to canvas. 
Wait until your paper transfer is dry, use water in a spray bottle to remove backing paper to reveal your image transfer
Using a filbert brush block in the colours for your roses,
 Olive Green for background leaves, Burnt Umber for flower centers.
Using the filbert or angle shader load the brush in Warm White and paint in
 a loose style the petals of each rose,
 pick up some Titanium White to highlight.
 Add highlights to leaves and add extra faint leaves in watery Aqua/Jo Sonja Raindrop, around the rose design.
Using a liner brush with thinned paint, finish the leaves with veins and tendrils,
 shade a few leaves with a little Decoart Americana Boysenberry Pink.
 Choose a flourish stencil and add designs into background
 using a makeup sponge loaded in  Americana Brown Sugar.
Hope you enjoy this shabby chic style!


  1. Tracey, this is a wonderful tutorial with a beautiful end result.

  2. Thankyou for your encouragement, glad you have enjoyed the post.

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